Nightmare Neva River

 Nightmare on the Neva, 2014, HD video, LED video event screen (16' x 20'), boat. (video) Manifesta Biennial 10 and Pushkinskaya 10 Art Centre Parallel Public Program, Neva River, St Petersburg Russia. 

An unexpected public video work that created the illusion of a white horse at night galloping on the Neva River past the Hermitage Museum and also on the Fontanka River. The event was realized as a Manifesta 10 Parallel Project as part of the Puskinskaya- 10 residency, July 25/26, 2014.

The artwork took full advantage of the sight lines, vistas, and history of St Petersburg, engaging the city by water in its totality as a historic space on a scale that had never attempted by an artist. The artwork traversed 30 kilometers of waterways in St. Petersburg. The artwork also has a social media/interactive element whereby viewers were asked to become participants in the work and in the exhibition of its documentation at Puskinskaya-10, by uploading their cell phone videos and photos in Instagram. 

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